We are proud to announce a ground-breaking collaboration between Resolve Debt and Versus Systems.

Versus Systems and Resolve Debt Partership

Resolve arose as a response to the gap between the digital era we live in and the old methodologies that are still being forcefully used for debt collections. That’s why we focus on providing businesses with the best technologies to help their consumers become debt-free.

Versus is a leader and innovator in the gamification and interactive marketing industry, which will excel at offering a scalable solution that prioritizes positive and beneficial interactions between companies and a consumer base that is tired of old, aggressive, and forceful debt-collection methods.

The combination of AI and gamification will allow us to offer an end-to-end financial operations platform with an array of new opportunities that can be leveraged by our customers to enable their clients to better manage their debts in an engaging and efficient way.

This unique partnership takes user experience to a whole new level and provides our customers with real advantages over old, traditional debt collection systems.

We plan to bring consumers an interactive experience that helps and motivates them to manage and pay their debts quicker while creating a positive and strong brand connection between creditors and consumers. 

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