At Arrears, we're dedicated to reshaping the way businesses handle the 55% of late payables and past due receivables.

We aspire to lead the charge in innovative financial solutions by automating debt collections and making the process more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Meet the team


Trent McKendrick

Trent is a recognized fintech innovator, having previously founded Credit Clear back in 2014, a publicly traded debt collection fintech, and more recently in 2022, Lever, a publicly listed liabilities management app seamlessly integrated with the Department of Education to assist student loan borrowers. With his extensive, valuable experience, Trent leads and drives Arrears forward.


Adi Patil

Adi has a decade of experience in leading service deliverables with expertise in software development, web and mobile apps, SEO and management, data analytics, content strategy, and management. Adi is currently the Growth Manager at Arrears where he oversees sales.

Product manager ML & AI.

Gonzalo Mordecki

Co-founder of (acquired in 2021), Gonzalo applies his vast wealth of experience and valuable insights as the diligent Product Manager for Arrears' AI/ML team. He now heads the innovative development and strategic implementation of cutting-edge AI/ML solutions for Arrears, continuously leveraging Machine Learning to significantly improve communications at scale.


Vova Pilipchatin

With over 6 years of software engineering expertise, spearheads Arrears' technological innovation. His leadership and vision ensure we deliver cutting-edge debt resolution solutions, transforming the way our clients tackle overdue payments.


Daniel Rivas

With over 8 years of experience in the software space, Daniel brings an ecstatic enthusiasm to the Customer Success team. His commitment to teaching, training and overseeing the implementation of Arrears ensures the speedy, accurate rollout of automated campaigns and digitalized receivables for our clients. Daniel’s fierce attention to detail combined with his technical and intellectual curiosity gives Arrears clients a perfect advocate for making the software work for them.

We are here to make
collections better!


We continually strive to provide superior service, delivering the best outcomes for our clients and their customers.


Businesses often grapple with growth, hindered by the constraints of delayed payments. We champion business growth by providing tools that allow you to dictate your own debt collection narrative, create financial independence, and run your business on your own terms.


Our brand is built on a foundation of trust and reliability. Our customers can count on us to streamline and automate their collections.


Everyone deserves to be treated with empathy and respect. We provide cutting-edge tools and portals to allow our clients the flexibility and personalization to communicate with their customers with respect.